Ross Rifle Stocks

Stocks do not include metal hardware such as bands, etc. Handguards have the metal "C" Clips installed. All Stocks are finished and oiled with Boiled Linseed Oil. Minor fitting maybe required. 

Stocks include ross cartouche stamped on the butt and most other date/number, etc stamps.

Prices do not include shipping.

1910 MK III Ross Stock. Full 30.5" Barrel length and 26" Carbine Length are available. 


1905 MKII * Ross Rifle Stock


1905 MKII *** Ross Rifle Stock


Ross Cadet 22 Training Rifle


Ross Rifle Misc Parts


 Ross Bayonet Bands. 1905 MKII *,**,*** and Ross Cadet Band

$150.00 each

M1910 MKIII Bayonet Bayonet Band $175.00

Ross Bayonet Scabbard. These sheaths are made from leather and 3d plastic printed parts. Great for displaying your Ross rifle bayonet that is missing the original sheath.

$60.00 each

Sight Hood with screws. Fits both 1905 MKII and 1910 MKIII Rifles.

$30.00 each 

Mid Band 3d steel printed and oil blacken. Fit Both 1905 MKII and 1910 MKIII rifles.

$85.00 each

$7.00 screw and nut. Nut needs to be epoxied into stock.

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