Q. What is the currency on website

A. Prices are in Canadian Dollars

Q. Shipping included in price?

A. No. Shipping is calculated manually as I sell internationally.

Q. I emailed a question but have not heard back.

A. I generally respond within 48 hours. PLEASE check your spam folder in addition to your inbox.

Q. Not sure what stock to order for my ross rifle. What can i do?

A. Contact us through the contacts page and once we establish communications then we can figure out what you have.

Q. How do I measure Barrel length?

A. Close the bolt and run a cleaning rod down the bore. Mark rod flush against the muzzle where it stops. Measure in inches.

Q. How long were the Ross M1910 MKIII barrels?

A. 30.5 inches

Q. How long were the Ross M1905 MK II barrels?

A. 28 inches

Q. What is the shortest length barrel I can have to make the M1910 Ross MKIII carbine version stock?

A. 26 inches. Anything less will interfere with the bayonet band cross screw and barrel slot.

Q. Are you Faking ross stocks by stamping the right butt with the ross cartouche?

A. Not at all. The stamp I use is not identical to the original cartouche used. It is also pressed deeper into the wood. This prevents people from using laser wood engraving to put a very hard to distinguish fake marking(s) on the stock.

Q. Can you replicate my stock markings?

A. The only stamping available is the ross cartouche and original date stamp that maybe present. The Letter/Number stamps I use are larger than original and is difficult to put more than that on the stock due to size of area left.

Q. Can I select my wood grade?

A. Unfortunately the answer is no. Wood color and figure can vary just by removing the excess wood while profiling.

Q. What finish do you use?

A. Linseed oil

Q. Why does stock orders take so long?

A. Due to the number of variations of the stocks we produce they are made on demand. As orders placed and full filled in order as they come.